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What You Can SELL in MYCLIKS

How It Works

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What can I sell?
You can sell anything and everything from man-made to machine made product within approved categories of products and avoid prohibited and illegal items.
How much money can I make?
It depends on the product you sell here, remember, service after sales and special promotion does help a lot to retain your customer and to increase your sales. We will guide and help you the best we can.
How much do I need to pay Mycliks
It’s free to join Mycliks. Currently, we don’t charge you anything nor before or after sales. It’s 100% FREEMIUM for you.
How easy to handle my account?
We provide you an easily manageable seller to manage your account, include an immediate notification upon a purchase, sales report. It’s very easy.
What else mycliks can do to boost my sales?
Mycliks will help you with free marketing, sales tools, networking and there are more features and benefit in the future waiting for you.
How do I get paid?
Once you complete a buyer’s transaction by delivering the package, you will get paid within 14days.